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    A mobile application that enables the poor to get funded, start and run microbusinesses successfully.

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About Micro Heroes.

Micro Heroes is a mobile-based application to enable the poor people to start and run microbusinesses by driving customer engagement and investments through cashbacks, high returns and adept game mechanics.

Micro Heroes is the bridge between the investor, i.e., YOU and the poor people who wish to start microbusinesses, through a network of NGOs that work in the microfinancing industry. We will not only help the poor get access to investment, but also mentor them, help them learn communicative English, and give them access to low-cost marketing strategies and an online marketplace for them to sell their products.

Therefore, the Micro Heroes app acts as the catalyst for solving a major social issue (prevalent across the world) while generating steady cashflow through multiple sources. It not only helps funding businesses but also ensures growth and sustainability (through product selling and mentorship).


What we want to achieve with Micro Heroes is nothing short of extraordinary. Creating self-sustainable businesses is at the heart of what we wish for the country - to enable the poor people to dream of a life that they are worthy of - to create platforms and help them get funded and be self-sustainable.

The impact can be in any domain - dairy farming, agriculture, jewelery making, tailoring, kirana shops, handicrafts, small scale pickle-factories, and everything else under the sun.

Over the course of the next ten years, we wish to reach out to, and help start micro-businesses for 1,00,00,000 deserving people.

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Why Micro Heroes?.

According to the World Bank, India has more than 179.6 million people below the poverty line. India, in other words, while having 17.5% of total world's population, have 20.6% share of world's poor.

Amidst a hundred odd reasons as to why the poor remain poor, one major issue is the lack of proper funding enabling them to start microbusinesses of their own. Even if funding is available, there is no proper mentoring systems in place to ensure that the poor run their businesses properly and improve their family income by at least a 100%.

The task isn’t made easy by the fact that the problems are three-fold:


  • Investors who want high returns on investments are not aware/averse to the model of investing in people.
  • Investors do not have access to a database of NGOs and investees who are looking for funding.


  • Investees do not find easy access to funds to either start/expand their businesses.
  • Microentrepreneurs have no proper marketplace for their products to be sold.


NGOs involved in microfinancing are devoid of funds to touch more people.


The poor people across the country need beacons of light – a pathway to financial freedom from poverty that they have always yearned for. Now, what if YOU are their hero? Yes, YOU. What if you invest in their dreams? What if you say, “Oh well, I would love to see India completely poverty-free? Let me change the lives of people around me”. What if you be the one to rise for them, to stand up for them, to lead them to a better life? It is indeed possible. But, not without YOU.

At the end of the day, it is beyond just an investment opportunity for you...it is something noble. Investing in other people’s dreams always is.


At this point, you might be wondering… “Well, all that is noble, but, what is actually in it for me except some good karma?”. The answer to that question took a year of research and development and constant brainstorming to arrive at. Now, not only will you get good karma, you will also get:

High Rates of Interest.

Forget about the mutual fund options or the wealth-builder plans that the banks offer you. Here, you get the best rate of interest for the amount you give for people starting their microventures. What’s more good? You can CHOOSE the rate of interest you want! How cool is that?

Incredible Cashbacks.

For every microventure you support, you will get incredible cashback offers that is almost unmatched. You can either use the cashbacks to fund more microventures or convert them to coupons and use them across other eCommerce portals to buy your favorite gadget, apparel or anything else.

Amazing Gifts.

With every microventure you support, you get to choose from a range of amazing gifts – and yes, exclusive merchandise from Indian Superheroes as well.

Great Products.

And yes, of course! You get access to great products handpicked by Indian Superheroes and delivered to your doorstep. These products promote local artisans, craftsmen and artists – those working incredibly hard to make your experience the very best.

Meet Our Team.

Vishnu Vardhan


Vishnu Vardhan is the creative thinker-in-chief of the team. He loves poetry, adventure trips, pets and kids equally. Easily the most insane guy of the group, a go-getter and a patriot at heart. He quit his corporate job at Akamai to pursue Indian Superheroes full-time.

Sangeeth Kumar

Technical Mastermind

Sangeeth Kumar is the technical mastermind behind Microheroes. His eternal favorites are spicy south Indian foods and songs of Illayaraja. He loves giving back to the community and has created multiple applications to uplift the poor people of his own village.

Love Murgod

Thought Leader

Love Murgod is a passionate thought leader in the free-thought community, an experienced life coach public speaker and motivator, he places value in community service and independent living. He loves anime and playing games on his laptop (at all times).

Divya Shetty

Marketing Go-Getter

Divya is the ultimate go-getter. Never one to take NO for an answer, she pushes the limits to achieve what she aspires for the country. A globe-trotter and an adventure enthusiast, she loves going for long drives and enjoys time with pets and kids alike.

Aravind Swamy

UI Brainchild

Arvind Swamy is the UI brainchild of Microheroes. He loves watching movies, listening to electronic music and going out on adventures. He loves playing FIFA on Xbox and lives life to the fullest.


Lead Strategist

Kishan wears his heart on his sleeve and is always looking for ways to improve the lives of people around him. He loves riding bikes, and is constantly living life on the edge.

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